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Jul 21

Sing High Notes With Confidence and Precision

Singing High Notes

Many singers want to know how do professionals sing high notes with such strength and richness. The notes that fall within your normal speaking voice range are easy to sing, but higher notes are notoriously difficult for beginners. If you’d like to learn how to sing high notes without compromising your vocal quality, use these …

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May 09

Singing Exercises for Actors

Anyone who loves to watch those romantic movies from Bollywood would definitely notice that every leading actor and actress can sing. Yes, hunky heroes from Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan to all time great like Amitabh Bachchan can sing. Even former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai can sing pretty well. In Hollywood, you’ll witness singing …

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May 02

Singing Exercises for a Public Speaker?

Would you actually recommend singing exercises for speakers? Yes, indeed it is recommended to help them ground their voice which is to speak from their diaphragm and not their throat. It won’t make much difference if the audience cannot actually hear what the speaker is saying. Speaking too softly can take away their concentration to …

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Apr 11

Foods to Eat Before Singing and How to Eat Your Way to Success

Foods for Voice

You may not want to believe it but the foods that you eat before you sing can actually help or hurt you. When signing you are using your diaphragm and if you eat too much and become full or you don’t eat the right food you can have a problem taking in a deep breath …

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Apr 04

The Five Components of Vocal Production Every Singer Should Know

The human voice is a very complex instrument. Since you can’t hear what your own voice sounds like you need to have a teacher that has a really good ear for picking up the different sounds that your voice is making. Knowing the components of vocal production makes it easier for the student to understand …

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Mar 21

What Everyone Ought to Know About Picking a Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach

If you want to become a better singer, or if you are trying to become a professional, or even if you have a child that wants to sing, you need to find a vocal coach to teach them how to make their voice stronger and to show them how to do the correct breathing exercises. …

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Mar 17

5 Myths About How to Sing Well

how to sing well

Anyone can learn how to sing well. However, with that said, people have been circulating some really bad advice about how to sing. Some of the advice that is going around can damage a voice so badly that this damage can become permanent. Here are five of the most common myths about how to sing …

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Jan 08

Exercises to Develop a Mature Singing Voice

A frequent question that crops up from many younger male singers is what is the quickest way to develop a more mature singing voice. While there is no single guaranteed path to success for anyone, these are several tips that expert vocal coaches recommend to deepen a person’s voice. But firstly, it helps to understand …

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Jan 06

Exercises for a Deeper Voice

Deeper Voice

There are many reasons why someone would want a deeper voice. Perhaps you are a singer, seeking to reach a lower register to diversify your musical roles. Perhaps you are a man that simply dislikes the high pitch of your own voice. Whatever the reason, don’t feel alone. There are thousands of people like you …

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Jan 03

Vocal Training with Ear and Pitch Exercises

Vocal Training

At the most fundamental level, good singing is about recognizing and hitting a certain note correctly and in succession. Many adept musicians have their ears trained to automatically recognize a note’s pitch, so that they can reproduce the correct notes without necessarily listening to the song again. If you want to improve as a singer, …

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