Category: Voice Training Exercises

May 16

The Secret of Voice Yoga

Voice Yoga

Voice yoga is the in-thing now to dramatically improve your singing voice, whether you are just a beginner or have had advanced vocal training.  This new technique incorporates the use of an ancient Asian practice of yoga with western voice methodologies to transform your voice. In Sanskrit, yoga means ‘to unite’ and voice yoga understandably …

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Apr 11

Foods to Eat Before Singing and How to Eat Your Way to Success

Foods for Voice

You may not want to believe it but the foods that you eat before you sing can actually help or hurt you. When signing you are using your diaphragm and if you eat too much and become full or you don’t eat the right food you can have a problem taking in a deep breath …

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Jan 08

Neck Exercises to Deepen the Voice

Stretching and practicing neck exercises can strengthen the neck and deepen the voice by reducing tensions that are placed on your vocal cords. By relieving some of the pressure on your voice box, you can achieve a lower pitch and improved vocal resonance. Special note: all neck exercises should be performed slowly and with caution. …

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Dec 29

Voice Exercises for a Stronger Singing Voice

It won’t make a difference if you are the most wonderful singer in the world – if people in your audience cannot hear you. In developing a stronger singing voice, remember that a strong voice is not dependent on your throat or mouth – real singing power comes from the lungs. This is why we …

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