Category: Voice Warm Ups

Dec 10

Singing Warm Up Exercises

Singing actively employs the vocal cords, which is the source of a vibrant and healthy singing voice. Without your vocal cords, you would not be able to sing, even if you did possess a powerful diaphragm and excellent breathing habits. Practice these singing warm up exercises to maximize the effectiveness of your voice. Our vocal …

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Dec 09

Voice Warm Up Exercises

When you play basketball, baseball, or even go running, it’s important to stretch out the your muscles in order to prevent injury. Similarly, it is important to warm up your vocal chords prior to performing any strenuous singing activities. Singing places significant levels of strain on the voice, and also stresses the diaphragm muscles. Proper …

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Dec 03

Additional Breathing Exercises for Singing

This article builds on the principles learned from the introduction. It seeks to teach additional breathing techniques for singing – to improve your breathing capacity and control during vocalization. As we mentioned in the first article about breathing exercises for singing, breathing properly is a foundational skill for good singing. When you sing, you are …

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Dec 01

Breathing Exercises For Singing

Prior to learning how to sing, you should first learn breathing exercises for singing to control your breathing so that when you do sing, you perform at your optimal level. All humans are born with the natural ability to breathe. Unfortunately, as people grow older, they get lazy with their breathing habits. People develop the …

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