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Exercises to Develop a Mature Singing Voice

A frequent question that crops up from many younger male singers is what is the quickest way to develop a more mature singing voice. While there is no single guaranteed path to success for anyone, these are several tips that expert vocal coaches recommend to deepen a person’s voice.

But firstly, it helps to understand what causes a person to possess a deep voice.

What Causes a Deep Voice

The timbre and tone of a person’s voice is primarily related to the group of muscles in your throat. These muscles are commonly referred to as the voice box. In general, the more tension and tighter these groups are muscles are, the higher your voice will be. The looser and more relaxed these muscles are, the lower your voice.

Many men are genetically blessed with a deep voice once they pass puberty. Others might accidentally achieve a deeper voice through extensive yelling and smoking. Some people achieve a deeper voice over time through training. If you currently possess a high pitched voice and would like to develop a huskier, more mature singing voice, investing some time and effort into practicing a few deep voice exercises can help you naturally deepen your voice and achieve the tone and pitch you desire. Follow the tips outlined below to learn about some of the more effective exercises that you can use to start developing a deeper voice today.

Humming: the Best Exercise for Developing a More Mature Singing Voice

Most expert vocal coaches agree that humming is the most effective voice exercises to deepen a person’s voice. To use humming as a natural method to deep the sound of your voice:

  • Pick a low sounding song. Often rhythmic music such as blues or jazz are good choices.
  • Hum along to the beat of the music, making a conscious effort to hum slowly
  • As you hum along to the music, try to lower the tone of the voice deeper and deeper

The key to make humming an effective deep voice exercise is to practice often. But never overwork your vocal cords to the point where you feel pain or become hoarse. This is a signal that you are injuring your voice box.

Practice Good Posture to Deepen Your Voice

Besides making a person look taller and more confident, good posture can also aid in modulating the pitch of a person’s voice. Your posture is important because it influences how air passes through your respiratory system and exits your voice box and mouth.

You can test out how posture influences your voice, but keeping your chin down and slouching as you try to sing the alphabet. A lowered chin and bad posture restricts the airflow through your voice organs and decreases the ability of your diaphragm to drive air through your larynx.

Practice standing and sitting with your back straight and chest out. You can to develop the habit of lifting up your chin when you speak to increase the airflow through your vocal cords and improve voice resonance.

An exercise to find the ideal position for your chin when you are speaking and singing:

  • Lower your chin so that it touches your chest.
  • Using your diaphragm, push air through your voice box and begin humming at a low pitch, keeping your chin at your chest
  • As you hum, gradually raise your chin. Note the location of your chin as your voice loosens and your voice becomes deeper.

Neck Exercises Help Deepen Your Voice

It also helps to practice strengthening the muscles of your neck to develop a deeper voice. Stronger neck muscles can help alleviate some of the pressure and stresses placed on the voice box. Anytime your voice box loosens, the pitch of your voice should become deeper and more resonant.

Exercises that can strengthen your neck involve lifting weights that target the neck and shoulders. These weightlifting exercises include the military press and shoulder shrugs. Refer to our detailed article on neck exercises for additional neck exercises that can help deepen your voice.

Lifting weights can be dangerous if performed improperly. It is always recommended to consult a qualified personal trainer on proper technique when you are lifting heavy objects.

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