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Little Known Natural Ways to Recover a Lost Voice

Lost VoiceNo matter how experienced a singer is, at some point he/she will need to find a method that will help recover a lost or overused voice. There comes a point in every singer’s career where they have to put on a performance with a voice that is filled with mucus and is tired.  For whatever reason you might not be performing in top form. With that being the case, here are some all natural remedies that you can try, so that when you have to perform you will be able to sing in top form. All of these natural remedies will start helping your tired and overused voice immediately to help restore your vocal cords and to clear your throat of any mucus. Best of all you don’t have to worry about any side effects that harm your body.

Herbs work really well on your throat. You can use herbs as a gargle or a tea. Using herbs as a gargle will give you better and more immediate results. Herbal remedies will help in coating the muscles of your throat and remove the mucus and other contaminants stuck in your throat. Using herbs as a tea will work as well, but the results may not be immediate and you may also have to drink the tea repeatedly for you to get the same results as that of gargling. Also when you gargle or drink the herbs you need to make them hot; the heat will help in relaxing any sore and swollen muscles in the throat. If you are drinking the herbs as a tea then you can also consider adding some honey to help in coating the overused muscles.

Herbs that work the best for your overused and tired throat and vocal cords are Cayenne, Slippery Elm, Turmeric and Sage. All of these herbs have healing properties for swelling and pain. If you combine all of these herbs they can also be very helpful with laryngitis and any hoarseness caused from an overused voice. You can find any of these herbs in a health food store, but make sure that when you are purchasing them you buy the herbs that are not stored in alcohol. The alcohol content in some of these herbs can be very high, which is not good for your voice and it can also make you lose focus while you are singing.

You also need to keep your body in good physical condition. If you don’t have enough energy in your body then none of the remedies mentioned above will help you. You need to keep in mind the food what type of food  you eat. If you are not eating the right foods it will be harder for you to maintain your voice. You need to eat foods that will help your throat and vocal cords stay strong and minimize the risk of mucus build up in your throat.


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    hey, can you pls help get som tips on hw i can manage my voice properly wit some kind food eat,

  1. where can I get gargle and what kind of food will be best to keep my voice in perfect performance.

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