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Singing Exercises for a Public Speaker?

Voice Exercises for SpeakersWould you actually recommend singing exercises for speakers? Yes, indeed it is recommended to help them ground their voice which is to speak from their diaphragm and not their throat. It won’t make much difference if the audience cannot actually hear what the speaker is saying. Speaking too softly can take away their concentration to the presentation as they try to determine what the speaker is saying. The constant fading of sentence can certainly deter the audience’s interest in the whole presentation.

It is important to maintain clarity and it is equally important to develop a strong voice. Of course a strong voice does not mean screaming at the top of the voice but merely delivering them from the lungs. This is where all the singing exercises for speakers come in. Singing exercises for speakers will certainly help to prevent any possible damage to the voice cord and promote the proper use of the lungs and diaphragm for a stronger and clear voice.

Here are several steps to some singing exercises for speakers that can help them develop their voices. This exercise is called ‘belly breathing’ which is a great way to expand the lung capacity to generate that full and rich voice to captivate the audience’s attention.

  1. Sit upright and place one hand on the stomach and the other hand behind the back. Just imagine two hands on top of each other but separated the torso.
  2. Take a deep breath as if attempting to push both of hands out as far as possible while they are still placed in position. It takes a lot of practice and lung strength to make the back move and with practice it would happen ultimately.
  3. Exhale quickly without making any sound. Any noise during the exhalation process is an indicator of tension in the voice cord.
  4. Breathe in again with the hands still in place.
  5. Then exhale again but this time, say the first letter of the alphabet.
  6. Repeat this exercise with all the alphabets until the letter Z. As the exercise progresses with each alphabet, the voice should get loud and stronger while still breathing normally.

The voice does not need to be built up like body building which takes years to develop from a small physique to a huge mass of muscles. But just adopt a regular practice routine with the above singing exercises for speakers and build vocal agility and endurance in the quickest time to make that professional speaker voice stand out.


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