May 16

The Secret of Voice Yoga

Voice yoga is the in-thing now to dramatically improve your singing voice, whether you are just a beginner or have had advanced vocal training.  This new technique incorporates the use of an ancient Asian practice of yoga with western voice methodologies to transform your voice.

In Sanskrit, yoga means ‘to unite’ and voice yoga understandably comes to mean a vocal union.  It is a state of unison that every singers, actors and speakers seek to attain in order to have that beautiful, resonant voice.  Your voice is your essence which is pure, perfect and unique.  Your voice can soothe, calm and even heal when its full subtle power is unleashed with the help of a yoga workout.  You are using the power of yoga to help strengthen and enhance your voice.

Voice YogaThe difference between the traditional yoga exercise and voice yoga is the breathing exercise.  Instead of the normal exhalation of breath, you use the voice to sound our exhalations.  Voice yoga deals with breath activation, stress and tension release, chest expansion and so on.  By uniting your voice with yoga movements, you can experience the release of your authentic voice from a deeper connected place inside your body.

You can expect to enjoy the following benefits from voice yoga:

  • You learn exactly what your vocal range is and why it is dependent on the shape, number and quality of the sinus cavities in your head.
  • You discover how to create the best unencumbered tone in your voice when you are in control of your muscles.
  • You notice that your voice becomes pleasant and melodious.
  • You feel the difference in your own body with less muscular effort and less tension.  Singing feels healthy, beautiful and under your control.
  • You find that your power of concentration increases as you are less distracted by the effort put into your vocal performance.
  • You will find that it actually helps your overall health in addition to your vocal health.  Some may even find that it helps to cure throat conditions.

Your voice is your calling card especially if you are a singer, public speaker or an actor or actress.  It is unique to only you and adopting voice yoga will help you to become more entertaining and compelling by aligning your voice with your personality and inner self.

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