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Voice Projection Exercises

Voice projection is the act of using the voice strongly and clearly. It is actively employed as a technique to command attention and respect in a room. Teachers use this in a classroom to gain students’ attention. Actors and singers use strong voice projection to be heard clearly places such as large theaters.

If you pay special attention to professional singers, you will begin to notice that all good singers possess voices that can boom and roar into the distance. Very few people are born with a natural booming voice that projects long distances; however, by practicing the proper voice projection exercises, you can develop a strong and powerful voice that projects.

Special note: yelling is not the same as voice projecting. Yelling should never be used in singing. Yelling can cause serious physical damage to your vocal cords. When people yell, they are forcing air through the voice box. This is the number one cause of the development of vocal nodules, which is a serious physical ailment that needs surgical intervention to correct.

Where Does Voice Projection Come From?

Whenever you sing a note, your vocal cords allow a certain amount of pressure to build up before the vocal cords are opened, releasing the pent up air to create a musical note. Louder notes are created with a stronger air pressure in the vocal cords. The vocal cords also open faster in order to release the air quicker.

Essentially, higher volume voice uses higher air pressure in conjunction with a quicker opening of the vocal cords. A lower volume voice uses a lower air pressure in conjunction with a slower opening of the vocal cords.

Strong voice projection is related to air pressure and your vocal cord opening rate. It is not related to how much air your exhale; this is why we specifically mention that you should not yell.

How to Develop Stronger Voice Projection

In order to develop stronger voice projection, you must first strengthen the muscles inside the voice box. The voice box houses your vocal cords when you sing, and improved projective power and volume can be achieved by strengthening these muscles. A more muscular and robust voice box will allow you to create a higher air pressure, which produces louder notes.

Voice Projection Exercise


Strong voice projection is directly related to your posture. This exercise focuses on improving posture to strengthen your voice projection.

  1. Kneel on the ground, facing the rubber swiss ball
  2. Lean forward until your stomach is on the ball. Place your feet on the ground behind you. Your hands should be placed on the ground in front of you.
  3. Place you hands behind the back of your head
  4. Lift with your lower back until your body forms a straight line from toe to head.
  5. Lower your body slowly
  6. Repeat the exercise 10 times
  7. Perform 3 sets of 10.

Special Note: consult with your family doctor if you have a history of back problems.


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